Carpe diem! Be Gimpy! What if you could be whatever you wanted to be? Would you be a juggler in the circus? Would you be a pole dancer? Would you be a powerhouse paralegal? A super-duper lawyer? What would you do?

Since I was born with mixed hemiplegia cerebral palsy, non-disabled people are always telling me to live my life like I have no limits.  These well-intentioned people think that it’s a travesty I have never learned to ride a bike without training wheel, wiggled my toes in the sand, or been able to run down the street.  Newsflash folks, by telling me, to live my life like I have no limits, all you see are my limitations. I live my life under no limitations.

I live every day with the mindset of Carpe diem! Be Gimpy! It’s the theme of my life. Why? Because I know, better than anyone, I am a gimp, I am disabled, I am handicapped,  and I will never be a famous juggler in the damn circus. I get it,  I don’t need strangers to reminding of everything, I can’t make my body do. I live my life under no limitations.

Let’s break this down:

  • Gimpy Paralegal Problem #1             I can’t button my own shirts to save my life.


  • Carpe diem! Be Gimpy Solution #1            I built a successful business around a Panic Button Logo!


  • Gimpy Paralegal Problem #2             I wanted to be a famous juggler in a circus.


  • Carpe diem! Be Gimpy Solution #2   I became the best virtual paralegal juggler for attorneys from coast to coast because at the end of each day, it’s people that matter most. And let’s face the truth, if you have ever worked inside a law office you know it can be a circus!


  • Gimpy Paralegal Problem #3             I can’t/don’t want to drive a car.


  • Carpe diem! Be Gimpy Solution #3            That’s okay. I don’t like wearing a suit and having a 30 minute to an hour commute each day.  I work from my home office with a massage chair wearing pajamas every day.  I don’t need to drive to be able to work 60-70 hours a week.  What I wear to work has no value on how I perform as a paralegal.

My list of gimpy cannot(s) and Carpe diem solutions is miles long. I could be here all night spouting off things I can’t physically do.  But what would that do for me? Absolute nothing.

Carpe Diem! Be Gimpy! I promise the world will adjust to you being you.  Stop putting limits on what you can do by having unrealistic expectations about who you are, who you want to become.

If you want to be a juggler in the circus build your own circus and become a famous juggler. If you want to be a pole dancer, buy the damn pole, and get dancing.  If you want to be a super-duper lawyer, get a law license and call me, I’ve got a button for that!  Whatever you want to be in this life can be achieved if you work hard enough!


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